BRR BEAZ Rail Road Shunters

Do you and your company have a need for environmental friendly shunting vehicles for general shunting or indexing operations at your (un)loading plant? No exhaust gassed and no noises at the workspace. This year we have started producing several new battery shunters to make indexing operations environmental friendly and efficient.

BEAZ Rail Road vehicle

BEAZ Rail Road (BRR) shunters are railway shunters for the inside train care depots or for loading and unloading applications by industrial companies. The BEAZ range of rail shunters has a tractive force of up to 5,000 kg (700T train weight) and are designed for train maintenance depots, loading facilities and industrial production environments. All rail shunters are easy to operate and can change tracks within minutes.

Flexability Rail Road Shunters

Our Rail Road shunters are easy to operate. In a couple of minutes the operator can change track with this machine.

The BRR Shunters from BEAZ are suitable for the following conditions:

  • Train care workshops for Public Transport: metro, tram, light rail and trains.
  • Loading and unloading platforms with simple, reliable steel cable systems
  • Loading and unloading platforms with clean, electrically powered shunters with an electric drum system
  • Clean battery-powered drive units and drive systems for a variety of applications.
  • Locations with requirements for environmentally friendly and safe movement procedures for wagons.

Safety Rail Road Shunters

Our Rail Road shunters are easy to operate. In a dashboard in the cabin or with the optional remote control the operator can move trains or wagons through the workshop or loading facility in a safe and fast way.

Check out our other solutions:

Rail-road series BRR 1000 - 3000

BRR 1000

Weight: 4.000 kg
Towing capacity: 100 tons
Gauges: all

BRR 1500

Weight: 6.000 kg
Towing capacity: 200 tons
Gauges: 1.435 and bigger

BRR 2000

Weight: 7.000 kg
Towing capacity: 350 tons
Gauges: 1.435 and bigger

BRR 3000

Weight: 9.000 kg
Towing capacity: 450 tons
Gauges: 1.435 and bigger

All our BRR shunters are available with the following options:

Interlock sets for UWL, lifting jackets and (un)loading platforms
Couple adaptors
Couples sledge for adjustable height
Touch screen control
Remote control
Air supply
Generator set